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Dawson | {Fargo Newborn Photographer}

Happy New Year! Ok, so we might be a month and a half in to 2022, but here is a look back on the first session I had this year. This little guy was such a good model for me…but his big sister (who I also photographed as a newborn) really stole the show!

Newborn Baby Girl | Fargo Newborn Photography

A newborn essential session is the perfect session to capture your brand new baby. It focuses just on baby and goes through 3-4 different set-ups. You’ll see below that I tend to do more than that, I just seriously love photographing newborns. Even something as simple as moving from the white barn wood floor to...

Signe & Koen | Fargo Newborn Photographer | Mentoring

It’s been 5 months since my last blog post, shameful I know! So much has happened too! It’s been pretty busy around here and I’m excited to share more on that soon! I figured today I would share with you a couple of sweet babies from my mentoring session earlier this month. Mentoring has been...

Jack | 11 days fresh {Fargo Newborn Photographer}

Jack is only 11 days fresh here and has had quite the adventure! His parents were certain he was going to be a girl and even filled out my pre-session questionnaire with their girl name and girl colors that they loved. So much for that! He came out a handsome 8lb 6oz little man. About...

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